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The Santa Cruz Dog Specials

The Santa Cruz Dog Hot Dog Specials

Emergency, Veteran, and Military Discounts

Emergency Personnel, Military, and Veterans $1.00 Off

It’s a busy day everyday for the emergency personal for the county of Santa Cruz, CA, and for protecting and providing for the citizens of our community we would like to reward you with one dollar off your entire purchase.

All you have to do is either drive up in your emergency vehicle or provide proof through identification and you automatically get your discount. If you are in your emergency vehicle or uniform you don’t even need to ask! The discount is automatically applied to your purchase everyday anytime of the day no matter how many times you come back!

The same policy goes for our veterans of the Armed Forces and active duty military! Just show us I.D. or be in uniform and receive an instant discount on your hot dog purchase. Nothing more to it. A delicious hot dog for less for being the best.

Tribute To Our American Heroes 100% FREE Hot Dogs

Free Hot Dogs for War Veterans

In Santa Cruz County it is estimated that over 2,700 residents are homeless. Battling hunger, addiction, mental illness, and the elements, our soldiers of past wars and conflicts make up a portion of this epidemic. They gave up their lives and minds to serve their country and are often blamed for being plain lazy, for their addictions to alcohol and/or drugs, or just being plain ole crazy. Well here at The Santa Cruz Dog we salute these soldiers and have decided to put them on our own veteran benefits plan: Each homeless veteran gets one BIG HOT DOG (Mailman Nightmare) once a week from our cart … 100% FREE. 

We at The Santa Cruz Dog challenge each and every other food based company in the county to match our offer to the homeless veterans of Santa Cruz County. Together we can make a difference for those whose lives have been indefinitely changed for the better of their countrymen and women. Together we can help make their lives better as was their original intention for us. Salute your veterans with food!


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