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Hot Dogs Menu

Santa Cruz Dog Hot Dogs Menu

Welcome to our hot dogs menu where we offer a very simple but delicious selection for you to choose from. All of our condiments are 100% free with the purchase of any sized dog. We try to keep the menu somewhat fresh so scroll down to see what’s newly added to the condiments section as well as our hot dogs menu. You never know when we might be adding a new and exciting recipe for you to enjoy.

Our menu is small and limited due to the restrictions our first and very small cart offers for size. Your continued patronage will help us grow and to start serving from larger carts that are capable of offering more varieties in dogs and recipes! So keep on visiting us and telling your friends.

– Our Hot Dog Menu –

$2 The Ankle Biter (Small Dog) – Sweet white flour bun, small all beef hot dog, and your choice of condiments.

$4 Mailman Nightmare (Big Dog) – Sweet sesame roll, large all beef snap dog, and your choice of condiments.

$4 Petter – (Big Veggie Dog) – Sweet hoagie french roll, all vegan beer bratwurst, and your choice of condiments. 


Hot Dogs Menu - The Santa Cruz Dog

$6 The Santa Cruz Dog – Large sweet roll, all beef snap dog, applewood smoked bacon, our special zesty homemade sauce, marinated artichoke hearts, green chili peppers, pickled  jalapenos, and red onion. NOTE: Available in vegetarian TOO!

– Condiments 100% Free –

Sauces and Spreads: Yellow Mustard – Jalapeno Mustard – Wasabi Mustard – Stone Ground Mustard – Tabasco Sauce – Tapatio Hot Sauce – Sriracha (Rooster Sauce) – A1 Sauce – Mayonnaise  – Ketchup 

Toppings: Sweet Pickle Relish, Dill Pickle Relish, Sour Kraut, Chopped Yellow Onions, Sliced Pickled Jalapenos

– Our Awesome Cold Beverages –

$1 DRINKS – Italian Lemon Soda, Italian Orange Soda, or Spring Water



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