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About The Santa Cruz Dog

The concept for The Santa Cruz Dog came about some time ago originally as just the idea of running a simple Chicago Dog and Chicago Pizza joint in downtown Santa Cruz for Aaron Siegel, the founder and proprietor. The idea,  fueled by beer and BBQ, was thought to never actually materialize and was just always something to talk about with friends and family as a “one day” scenario.

That one day came when a family friend and drinking buddy of Aaron surprised him with the offer to fund a hot dog cart and business start up costs to get him on his way with his dreams. Realizing the opportunity, he just couldn’t say no.

There was one problem though, there were already plenty of hot dog stands and carts all over the county, he wanted to stand out from the crowd as well as show off some of his culinary skills.

It was after some note taking and heavy thinking sessions, Aaron came up with the recipe for The Santa Cruz Dog. Incorporating central coast ingredients and utilizing them into a fast food product that was not only original but delicious, The Santa Cruz Dog is sure to take the world by storm.

The Santa Cruz Dog is currently a one man operation from one street vending cart. Plans for growth will be under way as the profits from this one cart flow in. Come support the growth of The Santa Cruz Dog so you can enjoy more locations in Santa Cruz County!


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