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What Is The Best Hot Dog?

The Best Chicago DogWhat is the best hot dog within the United States? Well for years I personally always considered the Chicago Dog to be the best hot dog around. I live in Santa Cruz, CA however and there weren’t necessarily any hot dog joints offering the Chicago Dog with the exception of Wienerschnitzel, which I considered a hack. So naturally I would go to the grocer and buy my own supplies to make Chicago Dogs at home which were delicious, I always threw in a twist on them too which made them exceptionally awesome. I would share this recipe, however, I might in the future offer them and will want to keep them a trade secret for now. Sorry fellas.

So what is the best hot dog in my opinion now? Well actually I have to put aside the Chicago Dog now because of my newest creation, The Santa Cruz Dog. I know they say you should never toot your own horn, but I am seriously impressed with this hot dog and feel it is perfect for representing my region. I’ll go into the makings of this dog and then go into why I made the decision, other than the fantastic flavor, for this dog.

I want to quickly add, I have nothing but love for the Chicago Dog, but I feel it’s time to make history and make my mark on this planet. The Santa Cruz Dog I believe is an essential addition that the hot dog foodie will appreciate.

The Ingredients of The Best Hot Dog

The Best Hot Dog - The Santa Cruz DogTHE BUN: The first ingredient to our Santa Cruz Dog is the bun. A nice thick sourdough bun is not only tasty and awesome to look at, but it’s necessary to hold all of the additional toppings that go along with this Goliath of a dog.

THE HOT DOG: All beef frankfurter with a snap. Beef is the highest quality type of meat that can be put into a hot dog and has a firmer texture and is more filling. These hot dogs have snap which is the result of the use of a natural casing that holds in all the flavors and juices of the dog when cooked.

THE SAUCE: It is a creamy and tangy California style sauce with a slight garlic spiciness. It’s delicious. I can’t go into ingredients as it is what gives it’s signature flavor and we don’t need copy cats running around.

THE TOPPINGS: We top is all with some delicious chunky ingredients which include red onions, green chilies, artichoke hearts, jalapenos, and smoked bacon.

A Unique Hot Dog for a Unique Place

Santa Cruz California

Santa Cruz, CA is a place that stands alone from all other counties in California. The unique combination of mountains, ocean, and a temperate climate help make the locals of Santa Cruz a very healthy and active community. Daily activities of the local people of Santa Cruz include  jogging on the beach, cruising bicycles on West Cliff Drive, trail hiking, kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, wind and kite surfing, skateboarding, and many other activities.

The community of this amazing area has a very diverse cultural background and is home to many amazing individuals. There is a large percentage of chefs, artists, professional athletes, and musicians that give Santa Cruz it’s flair. It’s no wonder our city is a magnet to tourists from all over the world every year.

Behind The Main Tribute Ingredients

ArtichokeThe artichoke is an essential ingredient when paying tribute to the region in my recipe. Because of the climate and rich soil of the Central Coast, agriculture is a major trademark. If you drive south of Santa Cruz past Watsonville on Highway 1, you will discover farm land as far as you can see along the coast and inland. Many of these produce fields grow artichokes. Locally, the artichoke is a celebrated food and common on the dinner table for a Santa Cruz family. The marinated artichoke heart in The Santa Cruz Dog pays tribute to this locally grown produce as well as to the Italians who helped popularize the German introduced hot dog sausage.

Green ChilliesThe mild green chillies and jalapenos put on top of our delicious dog are not just for flavor, but representative of the people who are responsible for our daily fresh produce available locally.  The green chilli and jalapeno pepper is very common place in local Hispanic cuisine and additionally is delicious.

So what is the best hot dog you can eat? Well I am betting on my new creation The Santa Cruz Dog. While we are still in the works of getting everything together, I hope you will come out when opening day is announced and try it for yourself. It will be great to get everyone’s feedback! Have a great day, and hope to see you in Santa Cruz 🙂


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