The Santa Cruz Hot Dog

Hot Dogs in Santa Cruz


So you’ve heard of the world-famous regional hot dogs such as The New York Dog and The Chicago Dog. Yeah, these are delicious hot dogs, there is no doubt about that. What you may not know however  is that there is actually a dog to rival all other world-famous hot dogs. This amazing culinary treat is known as The Santa Cruz Dog. Created right here in Santa Cruz County on the California coast this has to be the most amazing, freshest, and unique hot dog you’ll ever taste. Many may try to imitate, but none will defeat this original beauty.

Behind   The   Best   Hot   Dog … (Please take note)

All Beef Hot Dogs with Casings

The Santa Cruz Hot Dog


Important Disclaimer: Our beef hot dogs with casings/skins have lamb and/or pork products for the casings. The meat of the hot dog is all beef.


  1. First off, we start by choosing a thick, hearty, and soft sweet roll.
  2. We then use an all natural casing San Francisco beef dog for the ultimate in juiciness, flavor, and snap.
  3. Now that we have the basic essentials we throw on our own delicious slightly spicy sauce blended with locally grown herbs and spices. Wait, we’re not done!
  4. Next we throw in a crispy slice of apple wood smoked bacon to pack in extra flavor for you hot dog enthusiasts.
  5. Here is where we finally go over the top! We top it off with marinated artichoke hearts, green chili peppers, jalapenos, and fresh red onions.

YUM! There is no other dog like it in the world! This is a hot dog really worth representing Santa Cruz, California and we are proud to be the ones offering it. You have to try this hot dog to fully appreciate it. You will walk away from our cart full in the belly after consuming this monstrous Central California culinary delight.

When looking for a place to eat in Santa Cruz, don’t forget that among the taquerias, bistros, and 5 star restaurants there is a fast food alternative for amazing and unique bites. We hope you will visit our humble little hot dog cart and try our scrumptious creations as part of your visit to the beautiful town of Santa Cruz. Please feel free to like our page or follow us on Tweeter to get updates on specials, times, and new hot dog menu items.

We appreciate your business. Please help us out and share this page with everyone you know. Below we have given you a multitude of social networking choices to share our page with. By sharing this page with others, not only do you offer them the wonderful gift of delicious Santa Cruz food but also allow us the opportunity to grow to better serve you and the community. You have no idea of the additional recipes and ideas waiting to unfold when we have the financial ability. Help us grow today by sharing!


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  1. Can’t wait till you open!!!!!!!!!!

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